Weight Gain: Is It Hormonal Or Normal?


Are you struggling to lose weight in Boise, Idaho Falls, Meridian, Twin Falls, Kennewick ? Ever wonder if your weight gain is normal due to your age?  Don’t we all gain some weight as we get older?  Or could it be changes in our hormones?  What causes changes in our hormones anyway?

Outside Influences

It’s not our fault.  We live in a world of processed foods, chemicals and artificial ingredients.  Many people take prescription medication that can send our hormones and normal metabolism spinning for a loop.  We live under deadlines, demands on our time and seemingly unlimited stress.  Each of these factors can cause imbalance with our hormones for both women and men.


Our hormones are best thought of as “chemical messengers” that carry important signals to organs and direct how our bodies work.   Hormones directly control our day-to-day life by telling our body what to do and how to respond.  Hormones can make us feel happy or sad, they can give us energy or make us feel lethargic and tired.  Hormones can influence our sleep and whether we go to sleep quickly or we toss and turn all night.

Hormones also regulate our feelings of hunger as well as how many calories our body burns for energy or stores as fat. In other words, the hormones in our body affect the efficiency of our body at creating fat or burning calories. Since everyone has different hormonal levels, some people may burn up fat more aggressively, despite eating a lot, whereas others may watch their diet carefully and still find that their body tries to convert as much as it can to fat.


There are two keys to winning the battle of balanced hormones:

  1. The first key is to limit outside influences that can throw our hormone balance off.  Taking synthetic hormones, eating processed foods that are full of chemicals or fast foods that lack good nutrition are all ways that our hormones can get thrown off.
  2. The second key is to make nutrition changes and take steps to regain proper hormone balance. Our bodies have amazing ability to naturally balance our hormones when we reduce the outside influences, lose excess body weight and get on a program of eating healthy, whole foods.

It is seldom fair to say a person that is struggling with weight control just needs to eat less.  This is why fad diets and counting calories typically produce dismal results.  Or if there is some weight loss we gain the weight back within a short period of time.  Trying to lose weight when our hormones are out of balance can be just as frustrating.

The factors that influence hormones in the body have to be addressed in a comprehensive manner to allow the body to return to optimal metabolism and burning fat for energy.  Once normal metabolism is restored our bodies can return to a wonderful state of hormone balance.


Start with a consultation and find out which factors—such as hormonal—may be playing a key role in your difficulty with weight gain.  Trust a program that gets results without putting artificial hormones or additional medications in your body.  When the factors that cause hormonal imbalance and weight gain are determined it is much easier to enjoy a healthy and permanent solution to losing weight and keeping it off.

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